Q. What time is the show?
A. The Kuta Teather show is daily at 5 (for big groups) and 8 PM(Regular show) for 60 minutes.
Please come 15 minutes before the opening door.

Q. I have already in this area but I still can’t find the theater?
A. Once you are looking at the famous Bali Slingshot, you have to look up for the building behind it. The venue is in the second floor. Walk 30 meters east, through the slingshot. If you still can not find it call this number 0361 762750

Q. How much is the ticket and how long is the show?
A. Start from October 2014, ticket price 200.000 IDR/ pax, approximately 17 USD/ pax

Q. Is the price for the children are the same with adult?
A. Yes it is the same. However we waive the charge for children under 5 years old.

Q. Any special discount for a group?
A. No, we do not have any discount for a group. However we will give you a special Polo Shirt worth
USD 15 for a direct booking group more than 10 persons.

Q. Do you have special package or other promotion?
A. Yes we do. Please go to our “Package & Promotion” section.

 Q. When is the show changed?
A. The show is scheduled to change once a year. You can go to our “News & Articles” section to find the up coming shows.

Q. Do you accept credit card or travelers cheque?
A. Sorry we do not accept any kind of payment other than cash at this time. However in the future we do plan to accept all kind of payment method.