The Magical Cultural Live Show “Lights of Faith” is held up regularly, from 8PM to 9PM in Kuta Theater Venue (except on Wednesday). You can easily book and reserve to watch our Spectacular Show, by contact us on +62-361-762750 or mail us at [email protected]

Complete schedule Kuta Theater :

Monday 20.00 pm – 21.00 pm
Tuesday 20.00 pm – 21.00 pm
Wednesday OFF
Thursday 20.00 pm – 21.00 pm
Friday 20.00 pm – 21.00 pm
Saturday 20.00 pm – 21.00 pm
Sunday 20.00 pm – 21.00 pm

In addition to regular performances as the show schedule above, Kuta Theater also provides a schedule show “Group Booking Only” with the provision of at least 50 people in the audience and reservations made 2 days in advance.

17:00 pm – 18:00 pm