Inspired by a true story of Balinese friendship

Lights of Faith
(Gusti & Ni Ulantari)

In the beginning of 2008, when the Five Star Celebrity Hotel rented 70 miles of Gusti Atmaja’s inherited land. Gusti’s lifestyle began turning upside down. He abandoned his culture, he hurted his best friend’s feeling Ni Ulantari. With the strong belief to the Gods, Ulantari never stopped praying for Gusti. Then, Shiva, the God of Mercy, finally answered her wishes and sent the Legong dances down to Earth, to create magic.

 Scene 1 :
Gusti Atmaja is the only son of a respectable family from Sanghyang village. He misses the unforgettable moments with his best friend, Ni Ulantari. She left him a year ago. Gusti knew that Ni Ulantari went away not for a new challenge as she said but more because she was sick and tired with the way he had changed. To deal with his lonely feeling, he creates the image of Ni Ulantari using his imagination. He then tries to contain the image for eternity in a little shack. Unfortunately it does not last for long because Celuluk, his bad side emerges again. It causes the image to disappear.
* Celuluk, in Hindu Bali is the bad natures in every human being.
* What was going on with Gusti previously? Let’s find out…

Scene 2 : (Flash back) Two years ago in Kuta, where all kind of lifestyles are offered
In the early of2008, The Five Star Hotel and Resort leases 70 acres of Gusti Atmaja’s inherited land. Gusti is now a rich man. He drifts into an “unhealthy” life style. One night stands, alcohol and drugs becomes his life. He encourages his friends to live a dangerous life. Gusti lost his fear of Karma. He lived for today and never cared for tomorrow.
* The swords represent alcohol and drugs which in most cases will end up death.
* Rope and hand cuffs represent law and order which in most cases will end up jail.
* Unfortunately they can’t change him because Gusti can always get through them.

Scene 3 : Back to present time on Kuta theater’s stage
Far across the land, Ni Ulantari prays everyday for her best friend Gusti. The God of mercy, Shiva hears her prayer and sends the Legong dance down to earth to fight Gusti’s dark side which forms his Celuluk. Ni Ulantari effort is accomplished. Now Gusti is back as he used to be, but there is still one more thing needs to accomplish…
* What has Gusti had to sacrifice to bring Ni Ulantari back?